Unpublished Works

Welcome to Reality (Now Go Home!)

This is a 1,000-plus page autobiography. Particularly, it is about Bill’s time growing up as a teenager and young adult in Arizona, before he moved back to New York. From its Preface:

So why would you want to read my story? Well, because it has sex, drugs and rock and roll. It has car crashes, police chases and fights. Got your attention yet? Good. But this is not just some testosterone-laden, action book. This is a story about life. And just like life, parts of it are funny, parts of it are exultant, parts of it are turbulent and parts of it are tragic.

Bill completed the autobiography several years ago, but has yet to publish it. According to him, he is still not sure if he is ready to divulge his secrets and inner-most thoughts to the entire world. “Once it’s all out there you can’t take it back,” he says.

Just Words

This is the tentative title for Bill’s upcoming collection of short poems.