Sample Writing


I wish there was a purpose to this

I wish I could say that 

All your nightmares will go away

I wish I could say a lot of things

But none of them would be true

I wish I could take away the pain

And wash away time's ugly stain

I wish I could make things change

But sometimes justice never comes our way

I wish I could say that everything will work out

I wish I could promise they'll be better days

But all I can say is that your memory lives on

I can only promise that soon you will be free

I wish I could take you

To all those places you never got to see

I wish I could assure you

That they'll be tomorrow to do

All those things you planned to do

I wish I could tell you

That your dreams have been fulfilled

But you and I both know that none of these things are true

And though I would do anything to change the course of time

All I can do is sit here and say goodbye