The Author

Bill has just completed his fourth novel, American Horse, an epic story about a young man who returns home from World War II to start a family, only to later have his own son fight in Vietnam. Go here, to learn more about the plot of American Horse.

Bill was born in New York in 1970 and currently lives on Long Island. But from the ages of ten to twenty-three he called Scottsdale Arizona his home. Growing up in Arizona, by his own admission, Bill had a temerarious and often turbulent youth. In fact he has written a 1,000-plus page autobiography about this period, though he has yet to publish it.

Bill started writing short stories, of at least twenty pages, when he was thirteen years old. But it was not until Bill was in his early thirties that he finally completed his first novel, Far Away From Here (though it would not publish for several years). Though Bill explains that he knew at a very young age that he was meant to be an author, until recently, Bill worked on Wall Street for fourteen years.

Bill's writing does not belong to any one genre. Each one of his novels is of completely different subject matter than the next. Including the book he is currently finishing, Bill has tackled such topics as war, drug addiction, child abduction, evil, religion and the fate of mankind.

Besides being an author, Bill is also a poet. He has published one collection of poems, Writings From The Void, and is working on completing a second. Bill also does poetry readings, often in Manhattan.